The Who’s Who of DesignWright

DesignWright is a team of User Experience and Web Designers with a variety of experience and knowledge.

Ariana Eskew

Project Manager

Ariana Eskew is a UX Designer who specializes in visual design and project management. She is an experienced project manager who has worked on sponsored projects with Purdue University, Sezzle, and FieldWatch, seeing them from conception to completion. Her passion is to create organization and foster communication in multi-disciplinary teams which she is now doing in her role at DesignWright.

Brandon Nguyen

Web Design Lead

Brandon Nguyen is a web developer who has experience in building websites and web applications. He has created custom tools such as a stock price alert system for a stock trader and an interactive kiosk system for a local small business. At DesignWright, Brandon is working as a Web Design Lead to develop innovative apps and tools for both the company and its clients.

Angela Zhou

User Interface Lead

Angela Zhou is a UX Designer who specializes in user interfaces. She has worked on projects with Purdue University, Beijing Normal University, Dolby Laboratories, along with smaller startups. As the User Interface lead for DesignWright, she will work with the VPI Lead and Visual Design Lead during the design phase and be a bridge for communication between the two.

Katie Jewell

Visual Design Lead

Katie Jewell is a UX designer who specializes in visual design and user research. She has worked on sponsored projects that let her solidfy her visual design and user research skills with companies including LeadSigma, ABB, and Avande. At DesignWright, she takes the research her team does to create innovative products with informed visual design.

Jake Donovan

Virtual Product Integration Lead

Jake is a web programmer who has experience with building websites and working with PLM systems. He has worked on controlling the management of products as a PLM administrator and has used his expertise in web programming to help define a better PLM system. His skills range from product workflow management to coding and data management. At DesignWright, he is the Virtual Product Lead who oversees the creation of the workflows and helps the Web Design Lead with building and editing of websites.

Anika Antony

UX Research/Strategy Lead

Anika is a UX designer who specializes in research and strategy. She has worked on university projects with Microsoft, UEGroup, and Omnivis. Her industry experience consists of working with a company based in Atlanta, GA as a UX researcher and strategist for their Design & Innovation team. She enoys management, research, analysis, and agile methodologies. At DesignWright, Anika is completing these roles making sure the front end stages of the project are given seemlessly to the back end development leads.