What We Have Done

We look at optimizing the experiences users have when interacting with digital tools. We design for both the company and customer users’ needs.

Customer Experience

Team Management

Covid-19 - Producing Education Results

Switching to online has been hard on a lot on industries. Communication has been limited to emailing and zoom calls. Elementary level teachers are struggling to give a proper education through virtual tools which is where we come in.

We want to help our teachers navigate this new world of interacting with children with low technicological abilities see gaps in their own educations.

We understand that teachers thrive off of student feedback in an in-person classroom and we worked to provide this in a zoom platform.

We work directly with our users to make sure we create our tools with the users’ needs and abilities in mind. This creates a solution that actually solves the lack of feedback over blank screens. We improve different touchpoints throughout the entire user journey to increase the understanding if students are actually learning the material and participating in class.

Limit the Time Spent Organizing your Company’s Tasks

Management takes hours upon hours. Reduce the time spent on assigning tasks for each project and put that time into creating better end results. Keeping it on a cloud allows for constant updates and changes to be made while keeping the entire team in the loop.

Use our tool to create a project plan and timeline, assign tasks to teams and individuals with deadlines. This limits confusion between what each person should be working on at a given time and makes meetings more productive by spending more time talking about the important information over who is working on what.

Managers have an overall view while each person can choose to see just their own tasks, making the project feel less overwhelming.